Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bulletin No 1

Bulletin No 1- PDF format for download

2nd official WOC 2008 training camp will be held in May 2008 in surrounding of the town Vizovice (60 km southeastern of WOC 2008 host city Olomouc). The Vizovice region offers wide selections of high-quality maps and terrains, closely resembling to WOC 2008 terrains.

Training possibilities:

Czech Spring will be organized on the maps and terrains from Czech Long Championship 2007.

Thursday 1th of May - sprint distance
Friday 2nd of May - middle distance
Saturday 3rd of May - long distance
Sunday 4th of May - middle distance

On request we can organize other trainings for your team with SPORTident time-keeping from April 28, 2008 to May 9, 2008.

Maps and training prices:

clear map - 2 - 4 EUR
map with controls - 5 EUR
entry fee CZECH SPRING - 5 EUR / race
training with SI - 2 EUR / person (min. 5 persons)


hostel type - 12 EUR/person/night (2-4 bedrooms, sharing WC and shower)
bungalows - 8 EUR/person/night (2-4 bedrooms, sharing WC and shower, no heating)
hotel - on request - (2-4 bedrooms, with WC and shower, TV)


full board - 12 EUR/person/night
vegetarian and special boarding available on request


On request we can organize transport of your team from the nearest international airports (Prague, Vienna, Bratislava).

Contact and information:

e-mail - info@obvizovice.cz
phone - + 420 736 540 494 (Martin Marek)


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